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Specialises in the processing and marketing of petroleum products, Noaloil manufactures lubricants with its own blending plant.
The company's lubricants Research Centre uses advanced technologies and control methods to ensure top quality of products. Serious and reliable tests enable Noaloil to offer advanced, high-performance lubricants.

Noaloil has been operating in Italy and abroad for over 30 years, gaining extensive expertise in the development and formulation of high-quality products.

Constantly keeping track of market changes, our aim is to meet all our customers' needs and requirements.
Our vast range of products allows us to serve many areas, from light to heavy-duty trucks to 2 two-wheel vehicles, industrial transport and earth moving machines.

We work at the highest level using prime quality materials distributed by leading companies worldwide. Our products have been tried and tested by major car manufacturers and were approved by DAIMLER CHRYSLER, VOLVO and MAN.
We ship all over the country using our own resources as well as via agreements with external couriers.


Our products:

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New Line Brixton

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Noal Oil S.p.a. has implemented and maintains a quality management system that complies with EU standard ISO 9001:2008.

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Where to buy our products

Noaloil lubricants can be purchased and ordered from our company by calling our phone numbers or by writing to ordinilubrificanti@noaloil.comYou can check whether your area…

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