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NoalOil for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

As evidenced by various projects and the company's commitment to sustainability in its daily operations, health, safety and environmental protection play an essential role in underpinning the Noaloil Spa group.

The company's health and safety targets are prioritised as they aim to protect its workers and plant operators, as well as the area in which it operates and the local population, against the risks and hazards associated with its activities.

The company's ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of its installations and systems has resulted in a number of targeted actions, including:

  • implementation and ongoing maintenance of systems and processes to ensure the integrity of its activities;
  • organisation of tasks and responsibilities with specific procedures and/or plans;
  • development of professional emergency management systems to reduce any possible consequences;
  • monitoring and minimising the environmental impact of its activities.

In order to protect workers from the risks associated with their operations, Noaloil Spa has developed the following actions:

  • continuous improvement of the company's Safety Management System to prevent and reduce health and safety risks;
  • definition and implementation of rules and internal procedures with the aim of reducing risks and protecting the essential elements of the environment, such as air, water and soil;
  • continuous improvements in the information, education and training provided to workers in terms of safety/environment;
  • special attention to the work environment and personal and collective protective equipment/systems designed to protect the health of workers.