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Noaloil S.p.A.

NOALOIL was founded on 20/09/1971 by brothers Lino and Sergio Favero, initially with the purpose of trading heating oil, and then gradually adding a number of new, spot-on products to their range.

Focusing on the constant changes of the market, the Favero brothers have been able to adapt to new consumer demands through a close-knit staff and an organisation that runs like a well-oiled machine, drawing its strength from powerful ideas and effectively coordinating an extensive network of associates and agents.

Noaloil is now a dynamic, modernly organised company with a long experience in the oil industry and specialising in the processing and marketing of petroleum products, so much that it has come to have a road fuel distribution network and its own line of lubricants, both of which are under the NoalOil brand.

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Organisation Chart / Sales Network

Below is the organisation chart and sales network of Noaloil S.p.a.

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Respect for the environment

As evidenced by various projects and the company's commitment to sustainability in its daily operations, health, safety and environmental protection play an essential role in underpinning the Noaloil…

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